Catalyst Benefits Consulting and Insurance Services, LLC

To describe our work is easy:  we help employers develop, implement and administer innovative and cost-effective solutions for their employee benefits, insurance and wellness programs.

At Catalyst Benefits Consulting, we continuously advise on the entire spectrum of health and welfare benefits, from the complexities of the Big Picture to the day-to-day execution of administrative tasks.


Our mission is simple - to create an unsurpassed value for our clients by identifying critical needs then working collaboratively to develop and implement an innovative benefits strategy to address those needs.  A strategy that centers on the health and well-being of our clients' employees and that helps them achieve the best economic results through improved health and increased productivity.


Catalyst: an agent that accelerates a favorable outcome or result.

There are many factors that contribute to a company's success.  In today's challenging economic climate, we believe an investment in Human Capital should be one of them.


Compensation and benefits cost are driving factors in the Human Capital equation.  In recent years the cost to provide benefits, specifically healthcare, has literally outpaced every other measurable expense.  The benefits cost increase has been so great, that companies like Starbucks and GM actually spend more money on healthcare for employees, both active and retired, than they do on coffee (Fortune, June 7, 2010) and steel (MSNBC, May 12, 2009) respectively.

Healthcare costs are traditionally measured in the amount of financial resources needed to run a Medical and Prescription Drug program which are, for the most part, premiums for fully-insured arrangements and claims and administrative expenses for self-funded arrangements.  Its no secret that the biggest cost driver of healthcare is poor health.  But what is poor health?  Do you define and measure poor health along the same lines as healthcare costs?  If you do, then you will most likely fall significantly short of the true cost of poor health.

We believe - and studies show - it is critical for employers to focus on improving the health status of their extended population to slow the growth in risk factors.  This continues to be the most effective approach to mitigate the corrosive effects of poor health and effectively manage an ever-increasing healthcare trend.


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